Took me two weeks before I finally had the chance to finally post this. It's crazy, don't you think? I've been too preoccupied these past few weeks - as I've already said on my previous Music Monday post - that I've been rather too M.I.A. here on my blog! There's no doubt that it's frustrating, especially since I've been planning to post this last week. But alas, I couldn't. And so, here I am doing that right now. ;P
   So last October 30, it was Pam's 18th birthday. She scheduled for us to have lunch at Buffet 101, where we ate to our heart's content, and we basically spent three and half hours there. It was quite amusing how we were all busy eating at first, and when we started to feel full, that was when we began talking. Except Jeck though, since he was so full, he could barely breathe! And another funny thing was that we were all full, but when Pam told us that it was the last call for us to get some food, we all stood up to get some. ;P
   Needless to say, we enjoyed our time there very much!
   Oh for the love of food... ;)

Me and Jeck

The birthday girl ;)

Dane and I ;)
   After lunch, we finally got to the cinemas to watch Thor: The Dark World. Can I just say that I love Loki (or Tom Hiddleston... I love them both ;P) so much? But don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything if you haven't watched it yet. Let's just say that I was really affected with what happened to him, even if I knew that it wasn't exactly real, and that it was just an illusion. You'll know what I'm talking about. ;)
   But when we were done watching, we roamed around Mall of Asia for a bit before we finally decided to have dinner. I guess most of the places were packed, and the fact that we couldn't think of any place to eat at (I know! It's weird, right?) that Ate Maple and Ate Trisha suddenly thought of having dinner at Calda Pizza in BF. Then, we suddenly had a plan to go back to BF, and I seriously don't know how it all happened since it was all too quick and we were all in. So we made our way back, and had dinner there as we planned.
   The pizza we ordered was huge! And it definitely filled our appetites for that night! Also, while we were waiting for the pizza, we saw that there was a Foosball table outside. I suddenly wanted to play because my curiosity was killing me! I never played that before. And since I watched Friends, I suddenly wondered why Chandler and Joey loved it so much! Now I definitely know why they did! God, we were all so competitive, it was absolutely funny. We had three pairs. I was paired with Pauline, Pam was paired with Dane, and Shinji was paired with Jeck - which was bit biased because the boys were together (See? Competitive! lol. ;P). And the guys won in the end... Pffft. ;P

L-R: Pam, Dane, Jeck, Shinji, Me and Pau ;)
It doesn't look huge on the photo, but it is!! ;P
L-R: Pau, Dane, Me, Ate Trisha, Ate Maple, Jeck, Shinji and Pam :)

A little camera fun. ;P 

   We had so much fun, though! We're definitely coming back to Calda Pizza, not just because of the Foosball table - although that does add a huge factor of why we're going to come back - but also because of the pizza. It was delicious and it was very affordable! Our time there was definitely one the highlights of our day! It was just so much fun to be out with friends after such stressful and busy weeks! I'm sure the birthday girl really had fun as much as we had - maybe even more!
   Huge thanks to the people I was with that day! I was so blessed to have spent such an amazing time with you guys! ;)

*Photos are from Pam and Dane.*

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