Music Monday!!

   A few months back, I blogged about Lorde's EP and her single "Team." And since her debut album came out I had been planning to post my favorite songs from it, but I had to wait for them to be available on Soundcloud. Fortunately, they were already! So for today's Music Monday, I've compiled them and you can check them out below! ;)
   Basically though, there was no song that I did not like from the album. But I do have a most favorite one which was "400 Lux." I really loved it because it just sounded so chill and somewhat catchy in some way that I couldn't explain. I also loved "Glory & Gore" because it's catchy too, and I absolutely loved the lyrics. I didn't include "Royals," "Team," and "Tennis Court" though, since I've already blogged about them (I've put the link above, if you wanted to check them out). And unfortunately, I couldn't find the other song from the album called "Still Sane" on Soundcloud, but it's already on YouTube, so I've already put that below too!"White Teeth Teens" and "A World Alone" are two different songs though, in case you were wondering...
   Hope you love the rest of Lorde's album as much as I did! ;)


  1. I love Lorde!! I really like her voice and her music style is unique. And the fact that she's still so young yet she's very talented makes me admire her more :D

    BTW, are you interested in joining Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon? It'll be really fun and there will be lots of prizes :D

  2. I love her too! She's just so talented! ;)

    The prizes on the Read-a-thon are very enticing, but I'll still have to see since I'll be busy on December. :)


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