Bonne Année!

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   How time had fly?! It's that time again when we finally bid farewell to the current year, and unto the greener pastures that the new year holds. It's also the time to reflect on what happened to us during the year, and look forward to opportunities, resolutions, and clean slates. Of course, everyday is a new day to start fresh but there is just something about the new year that everyone finds so enticing and exciting. I, for one, consider the New Year as one of my favorite holidays (besides Christmas, but who doesn't love the holidays?), so there is no doubt that I am excited!
   But anyway, 2013 has been great even if there were ups and downs. Mostly, it had been one filled with great opportunities, memories, and realizations, that I am truly grateful of. Sure, you've seen me go through several emotional spirals and go through my over-thinking tendencies wherein I ultimately freak out (which is not entirely new if you've been reading my blog ;P), but without all of that, I wouldn't have grown and learned. I guess it only depends on how you see it, huh? Now, though, I have also learned to believe that patience really is a virtue, and that I shouldn't rush things. If it's for you, it's for you - it'll come for you in God's right time. I mean, if it clicks, it clicks, right? As confusing as that may sound, I think you get the point. ;)
   Truly though, this had been a fruitful year. And I couldn't be any more grateful. I want to thank my family and friends, for their everlasting support and for always being there for me. I also want to thank you, my dear readers, for continuing to support and read this blog. The second anniversary will be in a week, and I absolutely cannot wait for that! Also, thank you for all the readers and supporters of my The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction - The Revelation & The Tryst! The next chapter will be posted next week, and I hope you tune in for that. :)
   I do hope that you all have a wonderful and joyous New Year filled with warm delight and well wishes!
   A toast to love, happiness, the best, and more blessings! :)

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