Busy Bee

   I still couldn't believe how much I've grown busy recently. No, there is nothing particularly new with me other than my busyness, and I love it because it leaves me thinking about other important things. It doesn't leave me having too much time to think by myself, in which case, mostly happens when I don't do anything. I notice that I am just too impulsive with my thoughts, over-thinking everything when really, I shouldn't. It is very apparent that I do if you have been reading my blog all this time. I mean, I even admitted it myself. ;)
   So whilst in the midst of my busyness of holiday cleaning, holiday shopping, gift shopping, decorating, running errands, and baking, I realized that I haven't actually been blogging recently all that much. And I guess there was one topic that I forgot to even talk about here. You see, last August, I finally went back to the choir after a year of being gone. I don't really want to go into the detail on why I left - I assure you, it's nothing serious other than my realization earlier this year how much of a huge mistake of leaving was, on my part - and it does feel great to be back. I've been a member for almost seven years (it would've been if I hadn't left, so yeah, for six years all in all ;P), and I really did miss them! Not just them, of course, but I missed the long practices where we all feel exhausted, only to feel fulfilled in the end once the masses that we've practiced for were over. There was just something so exhilarating about that, and I've always loved that feeling. It's good to know, though, that nothing much had changed while I was gone. And I'm happy to be involved yet again, especially this season - which is one of the busiest time of the year other than lent and the Holy Week. I am definitely excited, too, since we also go caroling and stuff. It's always fun to do that. ;)
   Apparently, I've got all that on my plate. And of course, I've got some writing to do with the new Fan Fic and all. It's definitely exciting to start anew with the series. I think it's actually a spin-off to The Revelation, in a way that I couldn't explain, since it's got new characters and all. It's somehow different and a tad difficult to be writing the new characters' perspectives, and to try and make their personalities come alive. I guess that's the challenge for me now, huh? :) I haven't got time to write the novel yet since I keep finding myself having too much inspiration for the Fan Fic. But at least, I'm still writing and I'm definitely glad about that. ;)
   I realize now how much I'm so used to being busy. When I found myself doing nothing, I didn't know what to do other than over-think. And as much as I enjoyed doing nothing - I mean, don't we all at some point or another? - I definitely enjoyed being busy again. I realized that it somehow kept my sanity intact. Although, at first, it was a bit exhausting to try and get back to it, but like everyone else, I've adapted and gotten used to it again. It took quite some time to, of course, but it was worth it in the end. :)
   And I seriously cannot wait for the holidays already!!

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