Music Monday!!

   I figured since I posted my favorites from Lorde's album last week, I should probably post some of my favorites from HAIM's. It was quite difficult to find the other songs from their album both on Soundcloud and on YouTube, so I've only got three songs for you today. But like Lorde's, I pretty much loved every song that on Haim's as well! For some reason, even if I've been listening to them for months, I still want to hear their songs.
   So the first one below is "Honey & I." When I was watching their performance on iTunes Festival last year, they played this song, and I didn't think that I really liked it that much. But it started to grow in me that when the album came out, I was absolutely in love. I just love hearing this song. There's something so sweet about it, and apparently, the title says it all.

   For the second song, it's called "My Song 5." The song's about being lied to and trying to let go. So there goes the line: "Honey, I'm not your honey pie." I fell in love with the beat of the song with the basses and the guitar riffs. I definitely thought that it was interesting and a tad bit unexpected in a certain way. I especially loved the part where the tune suddenly went higher. It was great, and definitely catchy and intense all at the same time.

   The last song is "Better Off." It's already included on the EP, but I somehow did not include it when I blogged about it months ago. Nevertheless, here it is. I guess the title says it all with what the song's about too. My favorite part though, was this line: "Forgiveness, is that all you want from me? I wont fall, into the arms of the one who to turned on me. It's getting to dark for me to see." 
   So I hope you guys enjoyed their songs, and definitely check out their album, because it's amazing! They're amazing! I just love them! ;) 
   Can you tell that I'm already fangirling? ;P

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