Music Monday!!

   It never fails to amuse me when the songs I listen to actually end up being used in movies and commercials. I love hearing them and actually say, "Hey, I know that song!" So, I just gotta ask... Have you seen the new iPhone 5C commercial? If so, you've probably heard the song "Rill Rill" by the noise pop music duo, Sleigh Bells. 
   I've always loved this song, and it's actually one of my all-time favorites. I first heard it on Gossip Girl Season 4 back in 2010, which was when the band released their debut album, Treats, and I've been a fan of them ever since. And another song that you've already probably heard from the same album was "Crown On The Ground" which was used on the trailer of The Bling Ring. I don't know why I fell in love with the band, but what I do know was that the amount of attitude in their tune appealed to me very much, so maybe that's why. ;P So when I heard that they finally released their third album, Bitter Rivals, just a few months ago, I immediately wanted to have it. And I have to say that this album has got really catchy tunes than the the first two.
   There is without a shadow of a doubt that you should check the songs below!! ;)

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