Music Monday!!

   There is without a shadow of a doubt that my current playlist is rotting! But oh well... I have to post London Grammar for today's Music Monday! I cannot possibly forget about them now, can I? They're a great band from London, and I basically discovered them from one of the episodes on the third season of Revenge. I couldn't help but notice that their sound crosses off between The XX and Florence + The Machine - that's why I fell in love with them! I mean, Hannah's voice is just hauntingly beautiful. It creates a different vibe with the songs, and she sounds amazing live too! They do have a dark, brooding sound that doesn't really fall off that heavily, and that's definitely a plus for me.
   So below, I created a playlist that contained three of my favorite songs from their debut album, "If You Wait" that was released last September. Check them out! ;)

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