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   As I promised from my previous post, I have finally allotted some time to blog about last Dec. 19, Thursday, when we went to the Ayala Triangle to watch the Symphony Lights. And the same as the previous year, it's definitely on my Christmas Wishlist, only this year, the list remained to be unofficial probably because I didn't even write it down or even post it like I did before. But anyway, I was very happy to be spending the day with my best friends. :)
   So, the three of us, Dane, Pam and I, headed to Makati around three in the afternoon. We got there at around four PM, because there was, apparently, traffic. But when we arrived, we headed to Greenbelt 1 since Dane wanted to go to the National Bookstore. Of course, after that, we roamed around different stores until we headed over to Landmark - roamed around a bit there, too, what else could we have done? ;P - And then, we finally headed to Glorietta. I had to search for an exchange gift with the choir, in which, we were able to find, before we finally waited at McDonald's since my mother would meet with us there. Unfortunately, she was taking too long (because of the insane traffic - b-t-dubs), and it was already six PM - the time that Jeck agreed to meet with us. Well, we figured he was still asleep because he wasn't answering any of my calls. And since we were bored and starving while waiting at McDonald's, the three of us pulled a prank on him by taking our turns of calling him, while Pam simultaneously flooded him with text messages when it was either Dane's turn or mine. I think we were able to give him twenty to twenty-five miss calls, while Pam sent him fifty messages. ;P It was just so funny. We figured it was the boredom and the starvation's doing. It would've driven anyone mad when they woke up to that!
   When my mother texted that she'll be taking much longer to get there, I finally said that we should eat. And thank goodness we did because my mother arrived at the Food Court after we've consumed all our food! We, of course, waited for her as she ordered hers as Pam insisted that we should have a Christmas Party at their place, and that we should do an exchange gift (or "Secret Santa") that costs for only fifty bucks. We agreed, as she made the cut out pieces of paper with our names on it, for us to pick. Then, Jeck finally texted, and it said, "OMG." Haha! I immediately called him, and he still sounded very sleepy, we couldn't even understand what he was saying! He said that he had failed us (that we understood), and that he allowed us to bash him for that night. We, however, were good since we already did the calls and such. I mean, we really had fun doing that! ;P Afterwards, once my mother was done with her food and all, we finally headed to the Ayala Triangle since it was already around eight thirty PM and I definitely refuse for us to miss it! When we arrived, which was almost at nine, it was announced that the next show would begin in the next few minutes.
   We made it! And we had a few minutes to spare!
   So we waited for what seemed like forever. Or so that's what it felt like, but it wasn't. I think it took around five minutes before the next show began. And once it did, I was in awe - as I was every year. When the lights came on and the music played, happiness just flowed through me. It was such a wonderful moment, that I basically hugged them and wished them a Merry Christmas as I mentioned cheerfully that we managed to make it! Despite the fact that we nearly got lost, since my mother directed us with a new direction from Glorietta 4, to pass through the underground pass, and exit through Makati Ave. When we saw that we were passing by the Manila Peninsula Hotel, we were immediately wondering why we were there and if we were going to the right direction. It was funny, because we were just standing there, staring at the intersection wondering where we should go. I saw a security guard standing by, just a few yards away from where we stood with his trained German Shepherd, so I came over and asked, then he basically pointed Ayala Triangle, which was just across the street! We laughed, of course, since we panicked when we saw the Peninsula Hotel. It was just silly too begin with. :)

   We managed to watch another show before we finally left. We headed home, and we were all so exhausted, yet, we all had a great time. Like I've said, I'm just glad that I was able to spend a day with these lovelies. I'm also very blessed because at least the top two on my "unofficial" Christmas Wishlist for this year had already been crossed off! Actually, the top one on my list had been eventually crossed off too - which was to spend Christmas with my family - and those two on the list are the important ones for me. So yes, I'm very grateful, not only because this marked down that it's officially our tradition, but also because it was a day-slash-night very well spent! 

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