Throwback to the 90's

   Another post I've promised, apparently. :) And like I've said on my previous post, I'm definitely happy to be back again with the choir! So for this post, I'll be talking about our 90's-themed Christmas Party that happened last Dec. 21, Saturday. :)
   You see, we have our own traditions too! And a part of that tradition - other than the annual Christmas Party - we have committees that are in charge of food, decors, games, etc. Also, we have to prepare a dance performance, because - as they said - we always sing, so we all have to showcase our other talents. :) So ever since I've been a member, I've always been a part of the decor committee. They give us the stuff, and we put it up in the morning of the day of the event itself. It was definitely exhausting of course, but it's all worth it in the end anyway.
   That morning wasn't any different, though. At around nine, Denise, Keno, his sister Kim, and I were ready to put up the stuff, since we already planned on how we wanted it to look like the day before. So, we immediately got into business, and taped everything on the ceiling, walls, and windows! And we also planned that we should be done by noon, but unfortunately, we weren't able to finish until three PM! Imagine how exhausted and hungry we all were! But, we rushed and immediately went home to rest and started getting ready because the party would start at six!

L-R: Keno, Me, and Kim :)
L-R: Keno, Denise, & Kim
After we've decorated :) 
   As much as I wanted to get there early, well... I was never punctual to begin with. And I was absolutely tired from the whole week's preparations that my energy's running low. Still, I've persisted and arrived at around six thirty, in which case, the party hadn't even begun yet! So we waited, until most people started to arrive, and the party finally begun at around eight. There was no doubt whatsoever, that everyone of us were starving, considering the fact that the super huge pizza that we ordered at Calda Pizza arrived, and it was calling unto us - tempting us to dig in! Alas, we couldn't! We had to wait a little while longer as I finally played some 90's songs that left most of us reminiscing. :)

L-R: Kim, Ate Len, and Me. :)
L-R: Me, Denise, Earvin, Doms, Kim, Ate Len and Camille. :)
At our mini-improvised-Photobooth. ;P
L-R: Denise, Me, and Ate Len :)
Denise and I ;)
Les Filles. ;) (L-R: Denise, Camille, Kim, Ate Len, & Me)
Candid shot. :))
With Kim and Denise
   After a welcome speech and a little picture-taking, it was finally time to dig in! The food was delicious, and everyone loved the pizza! But since we started late, we had to go on for the next on the program -which was a Guess The Title game that Keno and I organized. And in celebration of our theme, it was filled with 90's songs! It took us longer than we really expected, but everyone loved it! It was so funny how everyone got fired up once we began to arrange their teams, and when we finally began the game. Everyone was just so competitive, it was definitely fun. But we evenutally had to take a little break to finally perform the dance. Our group was second to perform, and the songs we chose were Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," Spice Girls' "Wannabe," and Michael Jackson's "Black or White" in which Denise had to mix together. It went really well, I must say. :) And when the performances were done, we got back into the game!
   We did a few more games after that, before they finally did the awarding and handing out of the prices. And I'm very glad to say that our group won best performance for the night! They also gave out raffle prices, and that I actually won a Starbucks Gift Certificate! Unfortunately though, I lost the GC. I seriously don't know how it happened, or where I've put it, but I did. I guess I was just too exhausted or "sabaw" that I couldn't even think clearly that night anymore! ;( Nevertheless, it was an amazing night! We had a little more fun while taking photos before we've finally decided to call it a night.

Best performance group photo with our head, Tita Zeny!! :D
(L-R: Kuya Nico, Earvin, Denise, Tita Zeny, Kim, Me, Keno & Sir Robert)
Group Photo :)

Candid shot with Doms. :)) Okay, maybe not so much.
L-R: Danessa, Doms, Monday, Kim, Friday, Me and Sieg (sitting on the floor) :) 
   I am just so blessed to be a part of the Family Choir again! I don't know why I even left last year to begin with, but I can really say that I've learned to appreciate this whole experience even more! I am so grateful that I have them in my life. :) And I had such an amazing time with them that night - as always!
   To more amazing and happy memories!! ;)

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