FAN FICTION UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries - The Tryst, 5th Chapter

   I know. It took me about two weeks before I even got to finish this chapter. Not that it was long, but last week, I just didn't have that much time to write. It was exhilarating though, since I was out and about, but that's not what I really should talk about for this post. Anyway, I had to carefully think of how I would get to something - I can't be too specific because I don't really want to spoil anything, lol - but I basically lost my trail of thought and my writing (okay, maybe I did have some time to write last week, that I even exceeded a little on a few parts ;P), that it took me only a few days ago to realize that I needed to get there (to that plot) immediately. At least for this chapter, of course. I know, I'm not making any sense, but perhaps you'll get to understand and realize what I'm trying to say...
   Okay, I'm rambling now.
   So I don't really see why I should make you wait any further (unless of course, you skimmed through the whole first paragraph and immediately went to the link - in which, I kind of expected. So if you read this line, I'm telling you that you're busted. Hahaha! ;P). And without further ado, here's the latest chapter!!! ;)

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