Music Monday!!

   The first for 2014!
   For some reason though, I don't feel any different. I've been finding myself to be somewhat neutral, probably because after all the chaos and fun during the holidays, my body is begging for some good night's rest every now and then. So, there's no excitement - just yet - which is a shame, if you think about it, considering the fact that it's already been six days since the New Year! How time flies so fast, huh?
   Nevertheless, I am quite excited that this is the first Music Monday for 2014. I was about to reminisce about the first Music Monday of 2013, but hell, I don't even remember what song I used... I better check on it later. ;P But anyway, a lot of surprises happened to me during 2013. There were lots of revelations for myself. So there was no doubt that I was even surprised when I actually liked this song, which I only discovered a few months before the year ended. I found it very catchy that it was only days before I began to sing along to the chorus, "I don't wanna die in the middle of the night, I want a brave man's death." And true enough, that was what the song's about and titled as. "Brave Man's Death" was by a band called, J. Roddy Walston & The Business. 
   And I hope that in a few days, you'll also be singing along to the chorus, just like I did. ;)

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