Music Monday!!

   And I thought that I wouldn't be able to post one today since I've been out and about, but here I am! I made it home early, and so I've decided that before I go and head off to bed - my eyes are definitely falling, so if I make mistakes, let me just tell you that I am super sleepy already and that please do forgive me, - I just had to post today's Music Monday!! Like, c'mon, it's the second week of January, the least thing I can do is be consistent, right? ;)
   So yeah, for today's song, I've chosen King Krule's "Easy Easy." It is Monday today, so I guess this song's somewhat appropriate for all of us to take it easy even just a tad bit. But I absolutely fell in love with the funky guitar and the simple beat of the song. Not to mention, his voice is absolutely amazing, and I love it! I seriously cannot believe that he's only nineteen! Anyway, enough of my fangirling... ;P The song is from his debut album called "6 Feet Beneath The Moon" and I definitely think that you guys should check him out! ;)

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