Music Monday!!

   Have I mentioned that my current playlist is rotting? Clearly, I still need to update it. But no worries, I have a song for today. :)
   If you have been reading this blog, you'd probably remember that I've already mentioned Charli XCX on one of my previous posts, with her song "Stay Away." I still love her song though. In fact, it actually became one of my all-time favorites. And perhaps the dark tune with the lyrics was something that appealed to me very much. But for today's song, though, it's her new single called "Superlove" where it has a fun, upbeat, and very catchy tune. So if you think about it, it sort of has an opposite vibe to Stay Away, but I still love it nonetheless, because it's fun! Interestingly enough, she said in an interview that the song's about, "Running away and falling in love with someone and it being really dangerous and bad for you but still amazing, romantic and wonderful.'SuperLove' is the best drug and this song is about overdosing on it and falling in real deep." 
   With that, I am just sure that this song will tickle your interests! ;P

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