Music Monday!!

   There really is something with Haim that I simply cannot resist. Some of their songs are still on my playlist, and I've been listening to them for almost eight months! I just can't stop listening and singing along with them! So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw on Soundcloud that they released a bonus track for their album "Days Are Gone" a few months ago. There's no doubt that "Edge" is one of the songs that I really happen to love. The chorus is catchy, and I just love how chill the beat is. I definitely think that it's good for a long drive, or for anything, really.
    I cannot explain further how much I really love this song. I just do. Haha! So yeah, have a go at it! ;P

    P.S. Can I just add in Haim's cover of Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough" with Lorde? I mean, both of my favorites were on the same stage! It couldn't get much better than that, right? Oh, and can you tell that I am absolutely fangirling right now? I bet you do. You know how much I love them. ;)

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