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   There is no doubt that I am still sleep deprived. It's funny how I talked about the fact that I slept late the night before my first blog anniversary last year, and now I'm talking about the same thing again - only I wasn't up until five in the morning last night. I basically had too much fun watching the third season of Sherlock and its new episode, that I wanted to watch A Scandal In Belgravia again, which was definitely one of my favorites from the series (my other favorite was the latest episode, The Sign of Three). And so I did, that's why I was up late.
   Moving on though, I cannot believe that this is my second blog anniversary! I could still remember when I wrote the first one, and how happy I was that my then-current dilemma with my jammed computer had been fixed. I also remember the night before that, staring at my phone as I read my previous posts back in 2012 at ungodly hours of the night. Interesting now, though, that I mentioned 2012. Has it really been that long ago? Has time really fly as I've been saying for quite some time now? I wish I can say that I am doing something spectacular to celebrate this year's anniversary, though. I'd be surprised if I was, but unfortunately and to my own expectation, I'm not. My only tribute would be to write this post - which really isn't quite a surprise, right? ;) And perhaps, four gifs of popping champagne while jumping in joy, clapping, dancing, dancing while partying, and another one that's offering a toast, respectively (I just wanted to put a Damon Salvatore gif there ;P), can somehow suffice - for now, at least. ;P
   Nevertheless, as always, I am very grateful. It has been one hell of a ride, hasn't it? Not to mention, I find it quite surprising that I seem to interest all of you - if you are indeed, that is. Thank you for being with me through this journey, reading and supporting this blog, from bearing with me and my old long-ass URL, to continuing to grow and learn with my new URL. ;P Truthfully, though, I am speechless as I had been with the first anniversary. Shouldn't this be the perfect time to ramble on about this blog and my delight? Yes well... I simply can't. Words can't seem to flow thoroughly in my mind right now, to express perfectly how delighted and elated I really am.
   So onto my writing or my reading, whatever. I feel like I must put an update here because it feels as if it was already a tradition. I haven't continued my new novel. I'm still stuck on chapter two, which is a bit disappointing, don't you think? I don't know. I just find myself more inspired with the Fan Fic, that these ideas for it frequently come up, and I just couldn't ignore them, you know? I'm actually thinking about doing something different. Probably disregard the new novel, since it still screams close to my old one - in which case, it really does since I only renamed the characters and did a little tweaking with a different story progression. But I still can't seem to figure out what kind of novel I would write, though. Other than that, I'm still finishing the next chapter for the Fan Fic. I might finish it tonight or tomorrow, and as promised, it will be posted this week. I cannot explain how thrilling it is for me to write the Fan Fic, although, doing it for two years really does show it, huh? No explanation needed. But I am very thankful for the people who continued to read it and support it, too! Like right now, no words can express how thankful I am! :)
   As for my reading, well, I'm not currently reading any book right now since I just finished reading Black Silk by Judith Ivory. It's a romance book that I stumbled upon at Booksale for fifty bucks. And since it tickled my interest, I immediately bought it. It was a great book. I loved the protagonist, Graham Wessit. I thought his character was very entertaining and amusing, and far more interesting than the other protagonist - his love interest - Submit Channing-Downes. And yes, I don't really like her name either. I thought it was strange. But don't worry, Graham actually made fun of it in the book (oops, spoiler), and thought it was ridiculous too. And well, other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So yeah, have it a go if what I said somehow interested you. :)
   So to finally end this post though, all I want to say is thank you again. As simple as that since it's all I can seem to say and do. (lol) Also, happy anniversary, not just to me and to this blog, but also to you!
   A toast to more posts and more anniversaries!!
   And more adventures! ;)

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