DAY 1 - #100HappyDays #OhHappyDay

    Honestly, I've been having two crappy weeks already. So when I stumbled upon this #100HappyDays Challenge from another blog, I said, "Y'know what? Why not?" I just think that it would be very interesting, and I've decided to join today. Plus, I think that it'll be a very nice little project to help me break the mean streak of my crappy weeks. I guess this'll also be a wonderful opportunity for me to post more on my Tumblr blog. Although, clearly I'm posting this here too, since they didn't really have Blogger as an option for a social media site where we could share this, and I really wanted to post it here in the first place. Still, I'm definitely excited for this challenge. I think I have a thing for doing challenges during February since last year, I did the 30 Day How I Met Your Mother Challenge around the same time as this. But oh well... 
   So, considering the fact that this is Day 1, here is a photo of what made me happy today. :) 

   Definitely happy that I finally have the inspiration to write the next chapter of my Fan Fiction today. And apparently, because that meant that I'm finally having some progress... :)

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