DAY 9 - #100HappyDays #OhHappyDay

Celebrating the fact that I'm already progressing with the next chapter. I've had a productive day today with a cup of coffee this brunch (didn't feel any palpitations whatsoever, *fist pump* lol), nearly finished reading A Year In The Merde, and much writing. But apparently, other than the fact that the gif shows that I am celebrating - sort of (with his champagne flute, lol) - I was viewing some photos of Klaus (aka. Joseph Morgan) just a few hours ago, and I just felt my heart leap with his cute dimples and that smoldering look, with that little smirk that he does. I gotta say that it's definitely fun writing Klaus as a character. ;)

P.S. I feel like I'm breaking the rule of the Challenge. It said that I should take a photo of what made me happy that day, and instead, I put these gifs. =)) But oh well... It's Klaus anyway. There are no rules when he's involved. Lol. Besides, my official entry would be on Tumblr and I uploaded the jpeg versions of these there, so I guess I could use the gifs here. 

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