Music Monday!!

   And it's finally February! How times flies huh? It's like January was a big blur! It only feels that way, though...
   But anyway, for today's song I chose something from my slightly updated playlist. I cannot really describe how I feel about this song. But that's probably because I can definitely relate to it at some point or another, and it's such a beautiful song that I couldn't possibly pass the opportunity to post it here. You see, I discovered this a few weeks ago when I badly needed to update my playlist, and so I had to turn to soundtracks that were used on The Originals just to see if something would pique my interest. And this certainly did. The song is called "Promises" by The Boxer Rebellion, and it was used as an ending song on the first season, episode nine: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans."
    There was just something so touching about the vibe of this song. And yet, there's something so heart-breaking about it, too. It's like, I feel like reminiscing, y'know? And it's either I could be sad about it or be happy about it - that kind of juxtaposition. I guess that's what makes this song so amazing, because it brings out these mixed emotions and overwhelm you in a beautiful way through music. And I couldn't help but notice the lyrics and consider this line, "I could excite your soul" as my favorite, either. I guess those are one of the few reasons why I fell in love with this song. And I just hope you guys love it too! ;)

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