Music Monday!!

  I find it strange that I couldn't seem to find anything anymore to post from my current playlist. It's like I've posted most of them already, although I really do have much more to. I've been wanting to post some of the songs from the Juveniles' debut album, but the rest of the songs aren't on Soundcloud yet. But right now - since I'm trying to find some songs that would definitely tickle my interest so I could add them to my playlist - I found out that the songs are on Youtube. I'll be posting about them today after all... :)
   I know I've been fangirling about them for a year now. But I just love them so much! If you've been reading this blog, you'd know how much. So for reference purposes, I'll show them to you here and here and here. There was just so much anticipation - on my part, and I guess for everyone else - about their debut album, and it was released last October! I only knew about it last December, and I couldn't believe that I didn't know that it was already, because I've waited for sooo long! But oh well... T'was only two months anyway. I was too ecstatic to have it and to listen to it!
   They've included We Are Young, Strangers, Strangers (Jupiter Remix), Fantasy, and Through The Night (Yuksek Remix) on the album, and you will be able to find those songs on the links I've put above. So I was left with the rest of them, and I guess my favorite would definitely be Logical. But the thing is, I ended up loving all of them anyway! Each song has a different vibe. They give off different variations but they stuck to their synthpop sound and they managed to amazingly pull that off. So I'm just gonna lay it all below, and I hope you guys check them out!

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