Music Monday!!

   It's quite difficult to navigate through a computer without a goddamn mouse. This is why I am posting this a bit late. My mouse got jammed - again, about a week ago - and I lost count how many of them has been. Either way, I used my phone and of course, I have edited this through a computer because apparently...
   Music Monday must go on! ;)
   So for today's song, I chose Meg Myer's "Curbstomp" from her Daughter In The Choir EP. It was used on the tenth episode of The Originals titled as "The Casket Girls." And this was during Sophie's scene when she was making out with some random guy before Sabine interrupted them. When I watched the episode and heard it, I immediately knew that I had to find it! So apparently, I did and I loved it since then! I definitely have to thank these TV Shows' music director for playing such awesome songs. ;)
   Check it out below! ;)

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