Valentine's Day

   It's already been a week, and I'm just writing this now.
   But oh well, I don't know why it took me this long to, probably because it never entered my mind until now. :) I was apparently, thrilled to have had plans that night. Mainly because I only went grocery shopping during the day, and that Jeck had planned this night for us since last month! Now, I'm not exactly much of an adventurer with food, but when it comes to these people, I'm willing to. :) Jeck had wanted us to try Daniele's Casa Mia which wasn't so far away from where we lived. Either way, all of us wanted to try it.
   So the day finally came. I figured that I should wear a dress and actually fix up for the five people that were my dates that night - for the sake of the occasion, s'all. ;P Our reservation was at eight PM, under Jeck's name. I came with Pam and her sisters, Ate Maple and Trisha. Dane arrived first, like three minutes earlier before we did, but we entered the place together. We were greeted by the waiter, then the owner himself, Daniele, with a "Buonasera." Jeck wasn't there yet, and so we had to call him. When he wasn't picking up, we took much time choosing and taking photos before ordering. When we finally did, we ordered some pasta (I ordered the Pesto ;P), and a pizza called, Quattro Formaggi.

Jeck's reservation. ;P
Me, Dane & Pam
Me and Dane
Ate Trisha and Ate Maple. :) The painting behind them looked like Van Gogh's. ;P
The Pesto has arrived. :)
Buon Appetito! :)
Quattro Formaggi
    Food had arrived and all, but somehow Jeck still wasn't picking up his phone. We figured he was asleep, since he had several days of no sleep at all. As much as we're sad not to have him there, we couldn't help but enjoy the food. The pasta was amazing, and so was the pizza! I had a taste of Dane's Ravioli, and my, it was great! I also had a taste of what Pam ordered, but I forgot what it was called. I only remembered the fact that she couldn't say it, that's why I probably didn't get the name. It was still good though. Haha! We talked as we ate, and afterwards, we talked some more before I finally asked Dane if she wanted to share a tiramisu gelato with me since I wanted to try it. She said yes, and so we did. :) Unfortunately, I was distracted with our conversation and the tasty gelato itself, that I forgot to take a photo of it. I now realize how poor my performance was with my tries of this food blogging shindig. Haha!
   Anyway, after dessert, they served some sweet wine that definitely appealed to our taste buds, I still couldn't get over it even until now. Usually when I take a sip of wine, I'd already feel the acid exploding inside my stomach, but with this wine, it was different. It was awesome! ;)

The balloon obscured my view of Pam's head. =))
Sweet wine for dessert as the waiter had said. ;)
   It was already ten thirty, and the kitchen was already closed. At the same time, we were finished. We had the last three pizza slices packed for each of us who wanted to take one home. Before we left though, we asked Daniele if he could take a photo of us, in which he warmly agreed to, and afterwards, we said our thanks and shook hands, then headed out. Ate Trisha wanted to take a photo by the small wishing well situated outside, and so all of us did. The whole ambiance of the place was cute. It was as if we weren't in the south, ten to fifteen minutes away from where we lived (traffic included, lol). 

Daniele chimed in behind us without us even knowing. :))

   Truthfully, I didn't want to leave all that yet, because I had so much fun! But the restaurant was already closing, I guess we had to. Unfortunately, I forgot the pizza I was taking home! And as we were on our way, I dreaded for it! It was just that good, and I couldn't possibly accept the fact that I forgot it! But oh well... I guess there'll be another excuse to eat there again. Not that I need any, of course. Plainly, we all want to come back. And I hope that we do soon... :) 
   I'm so glad to have spent Valentine's Day with these people and great food. It's always such a good time to be with them! For that, I am truly blessed. :)

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