Music Monday!!

   I know, I missed the first Music Monday for March, but my mother was too busy using my PC, that I couldn't possibly squeeze myself some time with it. I knew a few days earlier than that that I should've just scheduled a post, but I somehow ignored that notion - which was idiotic on my part, so clearly that's what I did now.
   If you remember a few years ago, I posted a Music Monday as a tribute to Queen. And there, I have posted my all-time favorite song from the band. Now, I am posting a cover of their song by Crooked Fingers from their Reservoir Songs EP, in which I discovered through a Gossip Girl episode during the season finale of season 3. You may probably need some recalling, so I'm gonna tell you  that this song was on during the last scene where Chuck Bass was robbed then was shot. Of course, it was so heartbreaking and then I heard this song, and I knew then and there that I had to have it even if my heart still ached in that finale. Lol. But anyway, it's such a great cover, that I cannot possibly pass this opportunity to post it. I don't know, though, what had taken me so long to, but I guess it's because it's back on my current playlist since I got a better quality just recently. 
   I really wouldn't want to take too much of your time, so just have a good listen at it... ;)

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