Music Monday!!

   And it's another start to the week! 
   Happy Music Monday everyone!! Apparently, I'm in a terrific mood today, probably because I actually woke up earlier than the time I usually wake up, and perhaps I really should do it more often, huh? Yeah, I do think that I really should. But I basically blame my messed up body clock for its constant changes, so I just hope for the best that I do get to do just that. Lol. 
   Anyway, for today's Music Monday, I've chosen to post my favorite songs from Queens of the Stone Age's new album called, "...Like Clockwork" that they released just last year. I only discovered them just a month ago though, but I'm glad I was able to since they're new album sort of has a different tune now than their previous ones (I only checked out their third album, "Songs For The Deaf" after I listened to this album). And I definitely fell in love with it. But I guess I only have two major favorites on the album, and the first one would be "If I Had A Tail," because of its catchy tune. And then the second one would be, "The Vampyre of Time And Memory," because it was about Josh Homme's (their vocalist) hospitalization that resulted him to be bedridden for four months, and then he had a deep depression while he was recovering. There is just something about that story and how the song came together that really made me love the song even more other than its lyrics... It's just something that reaches you deep down into your soul, y'know? As cheesy as that sounds, somehow it did feel that way. :)
   So yeah, I hope you check them out! ;)

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