DAY 49 - #100HappyDays #OhHappyDay

Oh no, I am sad about the ending (although I am alright with Ted and Robin and how they turned out). And I thoroughly admit that I didn't take Barney and Robin's divorce too well... In fact, I was crying when it unfolded. I wasn't exactly too thrilled that the Swarkles ship had sank. But, this (the photo above) has got to be my top favorite moment now - it's absolutely my number one (and I have to move down the episodes "Say Cheese" and "The Sexless Inn Keeper" amongst other episodes from my top favorites). I seriously cried the whole time during this scene, and I couldn't get over it... Even until now. I was seriously more affected with what happened to Barney (because apparently, he's my favorite) than with what happened to Ted. Weird, I know. But I don't really care. This, right here, was just... Absolutely, the best! "That's the dream!" as Barney would say... 
Now, I'm going to miss him! 

P.S. I really am happy for Barney... I just... I'm just gonna miss this show, okay? 

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