DAY 51 - #100HappyDays #OhHappyDay

Watching the third season of That '70s Show...
Scene on the first photo (upper left: Hyde punches Chip (Jackie's date) because he called Jackie a bitch. Clearly, Hyde doesn't approve of that. 
Scene on the second photo (upper right): Hyde realizes he liked Jackie and tells her, "Jackie get your car. We're going on a freakin' date." *I swoon*
Scene on the third photo (bottom left): Hyde and Jackie goes on a date. *Yippee!*
Scene on the fourth photo (bottom right): Hyde and Jackie kiss...

Needless to say, I OFFICIALLY SHIP THEM!!! I started noticing that they could be together during the second season when Hyde was teaching her how to be zen! I just love them!! ;)

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