DAY 69 - #100HappyDays #OhHappyDay

Finally... One last book to end the series. I actually have no plans on buying the next trilogy, The Salvation, that precedes The Hunters trilogy, and I actually haven't seen the books here in local bookstores yet. But I guess, I'll only decide once I do see them when I drop by at a bookstore. After all, I thought that The Hunters was officially the end to the books, but apparently, they weren't done yet. 
Stefan's Diaries, however, was written by a ghostwriter too, but these books are based on the show, so I think that the plot was much better, and so was the writing. I'm just glad that I'm finally finishing this, after years of searching and waiting and collecting! Yippee!!
Oh and... Hello there, Damon. ;)

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