Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   I know, I know... I missed last week's Music Monday. And I suck for that, I know.
   I've been very busy for the past couple of weeks, running from one place to another with the choir practices, to family errands, etc. It was exhausting, but it felt absolutely amazing afterwards. :) But I'm here now to make up for my absence the previous week. Apparently, it's the least I can do for my blog, after all... ;P
    For today, I chose something more dance-y, which I think is most appropriate for summer. I definitely think that it's vital for us to listen to songs that bring us good vibes. And not to mention, songs that are perfect for long drives just in case we're travelling. So when I discovered Holy Ghost! last month while I was trying to update my then-rotting playlist, I knew that it was perfect for my summer playlist! I realized then and there how much I actually love synthpop, because apparently, it does sound like the 80's. And I also realized that the reason why I've come to love it was because of my mother and my aunts' musical influence.But oh well... It's fun, anyway. Who wouldn't like catchy and upbeat songs, right? :)
   So below, I've posted my favorites from their first debut album, "Holy Ghost!" that was released last 2011, and their latest album, "Dynamics" that was released just last year. I hope you guys love them! ;)

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