FAN FICTION UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries - The Tryst, 10th Chapter

   For a chapter that's almost twenty-pages long... Well, it's only eighteen pages. Still, took weeks enough, I guess. But at least, it didn't take me about a month to finish this, right? :) I knew I really had to concentrate on this whenever time permitted me to, because as always, after ten chapters, I will go on a two-month break (sometimes even less, but this time, I've decided to take the old and long break to rejuvenate my creative juices and possibly work on my novel). And even if I didn't promise anything to you if I was going to post this soon, somehow I did promise it to myself. I knew I had to get back into my work flow again. And fortunately, I did! I realized that the reason why I've been taking too long, because now, I write about thirteen to fifteen pages (or just like this chapter, longer than that) per chapter. Before, I only write eight to ten pages, so that could definitely only take me a week to finish. Now, apparently, every two weeks, I'll try to post new chapters after I go on my two-month break. Hopefully, I will get to be right on schedule this time... :)
   But anyway, without further ado, I hope you guys love this chapter, and tune in for the next of The Tryst! ;)

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