Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   And it's finally May!!
   How time flies, indeed!
   I've decided to post songs from The Pretty Reckless' latest album today, but somehow, I decided against it. Not because I don't like it or whatever - otherwise, why would they be on my playlist? - but because I want to post songs that are light and are perfect for the beach or for road trips. I'm not saying that TPR's songs aren't perfect for beaches and road trips (they are, although, I haven't actually tried the former), but it's a lot heavier and darker than the mood I'm going for, especially since it is the first Music Monday of May today. But don't worry, I'll post about it next week! I can't possibly leave them - one of my most favorite bands ever - out from my Music Mondays, right?
   Nope. ;)
   So anyway... For today's Music Monday, I've decided to go for this electronic and indie rock duo from Brooklyn called Tanlines. They released their debut album, "Mixed Emotions" last 2012, but I only discovered them last March. I know! I absolutely don't know why it took me too long to know them! But I'm glad that I did manage to, in time for this summer, of course. Below, I've chosen my top six favorites from their album. I had to search for them on Youtube because I couldn't find the other songs on Soundcloud.
   I gotta say though, that my most favorite song would be "Nonesuch." It's much slower than their other songs, but it's absolutely catchy. I read that it was used on Awkward? I think? Anyway, if you watch that show (and it's clear by that question mark on the previous sentence, that I don't. lol.), you've already probably heard it there, too! So have a good listen at it! They're songs are funky and catchy, who couldn't possibly love them? I hope you do too!! ;)

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