Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Happy Monday!!!
   As I promised last week, I would post songs from The Pretty Reckless' latest album, "Going To Hell." Well, at least most of my favorites, right? And yes, it's a lot heavier and darker than their first album, but I actually love it. I definitely think that it's nice that they're trying to grow as musicians, and are experimenting to a much heavier tune. Yet, they managed to have songs that are fun (like "Why'd You Bring A Shotgun To The Party?" and "Fucked Up World"), and mellow - like that acoustic song called "Burn" that has become one of my favorites on the album as well.
    My four other favorites of course, would be the album's namesake "Going To Hell." Second would be "Heaven Knows" with its anthemic chorus that would make anyone just sing along. Third would definitely be "Sweet Things" with its creepy vibe to it, that somehow reminded me of Hansel & Gretel - in which you will find out why it did remind me of that once you listen to it. And last but definitely not the least, would be "Absolution." I think that song was only appropriate for this album, right?
    Basically, I've waited for this album after Light Me Up was released in 2010. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard the news that this was going to be released this year. And imagine how much I was even more when it finally was! They're definitely one of my most favorite bands out there! I've been a fan even before they even got to release their first single "Make Me Wanna Die." And of course, seeing them live last 2012 was one of the best moments of my teenage life!
   Yup. I am definitely fangirling at the moment. But who can blame me when this post is dedicated to them?
   But without further ado... Have a listen to their new tracks below!! :)
   Oh and Sweet Things is actually my third favorite, but I couldn't find it on Soundcloud. So as always, I got one from Youtube. :)

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