Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

    And here we are for another Music Monday!! Somehow though, time seems to be moving too fast, or perhaps it only feels that way because it escapes from our consciousness. But oh well...
   When I was updating my playlist last March (I've also updated around the last week of April), I discovered this band, Phantogram. I know, you're probably going to tell me that they've been around for some time already, but hey, cut me some slack okay? Haha! I didn't know who they were until recently. :P Anyway, I checked out their latest album, "Voices" that was released last February. It's no surprise that I did end up liking them, otherwise, I wouldn't post about them, right? Haha! So, below I've managed to put my top five from the album.
    I hope you guys love it! ;)

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