Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Can't believe that it's already the last week of May!
   How time flies!
   I sound like I'm panicking, and I sort of am, but that doesn't really matter. What does, though, is that today's another Music Monday!! :) And for today, I chose this English band from Worcester, England, called PEACE who released their debut album, "In Love" last March, 2013. I know, I do suck for only discovering them recently. But I'm glad that I did manage to stumble upon them. I don't exactly remember where, but it doesn't really matter because they're too amazing! Plus, I seriously cannot wait for the second album to come out this June!
   My favorite from the album, though, would definitely be Lovesick. It's just too catchy, and I seriously can't get enough of it! Have a good listen to it, and you'll agree that I'm right. I just know it! Haha! ;)

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