Summer Getaway: Puerto Galera 2014 | DAY 1

   I finally had some time to write this! And I know that it took me about a month before actually posting this, but hey, I'm here now. I'm making up for my absences. Besides, I was too preoccupied with the 100HappyDays Challenge, so yeah... 
   You see, for the month of March, Pam and I had been planning our getaway's main destination. The first choice was (as always) Batangas, but then, the date that we were aiming for (April 4 - 6) had already been booked. Every resort or basically, every place we checked out, it was always booked for those dates. Pam practically gave up, because she had searched every place we could go to, and we couldn't exactly change the dates because Jeck was leaving for Houston, Texas, on the 10th. It was vital that we were complete for the getaway, at least before he leaves, so we couldn't change them.
   That was when Pam brought up Puerto Galera.
   At first, I told her I couldn't go, because well... My family wouldn't let me, unless there was a chaperone. With that said, Pam immediately suggested to bring my mother with us. Fortunately, my mother didn't refuse, and so, after finding the place we wanted to stay in - which was at the Bangera Inn, in White Beach - it was a green light for us to finally go! :D
   Two weeks later, the day has finally arrived. Mother and I were very busy a few days before that -  shopping, of course. Haha! We woke up at four in the morning because we were leaving around five. I only had an hour and a half of sleep, which wasn't much of a surprise, I know, but I practically dragged myself out of bed to get ready because it takes me about an hour to. When five finally struck, I was ready to go, but my mother wasn't, so I had to wait for her. And fortunately, Pam and the others weren't yet either. I was so relieved to know though, because I didn't want to be late that day. I mean, every time we go out, I was the one who was always late, so I definitely had to make up for that! Haha! And I did, by the way. Mother and I hopped on a cab to get to the bus station in Alabang, and we were there first.
   Yay! Haha!
   Around ten to fifteen minutes, they arrived too. We got on the bus, and we left at around six thirty! The bus ride didn't take too long, though. It only took us about an hour and a half to get to the Batangas Pier, and around eight forty-five AM, we were already on the boat. Although, we left at around nine fifteen, because we had to wait for other passengers. I haven't exactly gotten on a boat since the last time I went to Puerto Galera, which was three years ago, and I still wasn't too thrilled about it either. Still, at least I wasn't as scared and nervous as I was the first time. I'm not exactly a huge fan of large bodies of water because I don't know how to swim. Haha!
On the bus with mother... :)
Mother, me (with the life vest on, clearly holding on to my dear life, lol ;P), and Pam on board! :)
Dane and Jeck. :)
The whole crew. ;) (L-R, back then front): Ate Trisha, Me, Mother, Dane, Jeck, and Pam :)
On our waaaay!!!
   Anyway, the boat ride took us another hour and a half, and we got there around eleven. We immediately proceeded to the place we were staying - and damn, was it a long walk, and a hot one too! - then of course,  we got settled and rested for a while before we headed out for lunch. After that, we got to a tattoo parlor to get our hennas on before we head back to rest for a while. Apparently, we couldn't exactly swim that time since it was around one in the afternoon! We figured that we should rest first until three PM, when we can finally take a dip. :)

Ready to get on the island! We have finally arrived!!!
(L-R: Ate Trisha, Dane, Pam, Me and Mum)
We've arrived at Bangera Inn. :)

Going down for lunch! Bangera Inn looked as though we were in Italy with its design. ;P
Lunch out. ;)
Jeck and I getting a henna. :)
And here's Dane getting one too. :) Actually, we all did. Haha!
   When three PM struck, we finally got ready for a dip! I wore my white one-piece swimsuit - that I have haunted down for days before that, by the way - and we went down to have some Halo-Halo and Mais Con Yelo first before we proceeded by the shore. There was no doubt that it was such a hot day, and we were all very excited to spend some time in the water. Whilst we were having fun there though, and taking the marvelous view in, Jeck wanted to be buried in the sand again. This time, we really wanted to achieve what happened to Joey on Friends, with the boobs and the mermaid tail and all. Haha! And y'know what? We finally did it! Then of course, after that, we went to the water again before the three of us, Jeck, mother and I, played some volleyball.
   But alas, the sun finally went down. It was time to get back and get ourselves cleaned up for dinner. :)

Waiting for the Halo-Halo and Mais Con Yelo :)
Halo-Halo! :)
Me and my mother. :)
And we are complete... :)

Ate Trisha, trying to hide from the sun. :))
The water was cold. :))

This was when I was trying to save my phone from getting wet, and so I raised my arms. :))

And we finally headed onto our mission. ;P
Posing by Jeck and our finished product. :)) Hello boobs and mermaid tail. ;P
I think we did alright. :))
By the shore. :)
Don't kill his vibe, man. ;)
That was me, calling after Jeck, who was going after the volleyball that was about to hit the water. :))
And this was me, getting sand in my eye while playing volleyball, and I seriously don't remember what Jeck was saying. Haha!
Back to the game then. Haha!
   After dinner, I felt absolutely tired. It wasn't a surprise considering the amount of sleep I had, right? But still, I persisted. I didn't want to spoil our first night in Puerto Galera, now do I? Of course not! We watched the fire dance, and then the performances they had that night. It was absolutely amazing, by the way. Everybody loved it! But somehow, we called it a night around ten thirty. We were all tired after all. Besides, we needed to wake up early for our activity the next day - which was snorkeling and beach hopping. I mean, nobody wanted to miss that! And so, we tucked ourselves in, and drifted off to sleep. It was already one in the morning when we did.
    And that ends DAY 1. :D 
    I'll post the next tomorrow, so tune in for that! ;)

The fire dance :)

L-R: Ate Trisha, Jeck, Dane, Mum, Me and Pam :)
My LBD. ;)
L-R: Ate Trisha, Jeck and Dane :)
Mum, Me and Pam. :)

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