Summer Getaway: Puerto Galera 2014 | DAY 2

   And so this post continues...
   If you haven't read DAY 1 of our trip yet, you can click here. :)
   So I woke up with the sound of my mother calling my name - clearly, waking me up. We were sharing the same bed (since there were only three beds, and it was enough for the six of us), and I think she managed to call me three times before I finally decided that I could finally open my eyes without having them fall again. I saw that Pam was already up and it was already around seven fifteen in the morning. We had our snorkeling and beach hopping adventure scheduled at seven thirty, but clearly, that didn't happen since we were all still asleep! Haha! Except for Pam, though, since we woke up at seven, and she was trying to wake us. I stood up and got dressed, and then waited for the others. Eventually, at around seven thirty or forty, we got down to have breakfast before proceeding to the other side of the island, by the pier, to finally go on our adventure!

L-R: Pam, Jeck, and Dane
L-R: Mother, moi, and Ate Trisha :)
   Once we got on the boat, we immediately set sails towards another island where we could go snorkeling. Or in this case, so that they could go snorkeling because like I've said, I'm not much of a huge fan of large bodies of water, even if we had a life vest on. Somehow though, I thoroughly enjoyed our ride on the boat this time since the waves weren't big yet because it was still morning. Eventually, we did get there, and I told myself that I would only make the decision of going snorkeling with them once I'm already on-the-spot. And when the time came, well... I did make a decision, and I was too scared to. Haha! So I remained on the boat. But the thing was, we had to be transfered into three smaller motorboats, since it can only capacitate two people (with of course, the driver and its assistant - I seriously don't know if that's what they were supposed to be called, lol). I still apparently, remained on the boat as we had to go off into the main destination of our snorkeling adventure. It was farther than we thought, but it was alright. We did enjoy the ride anyway...

Me and mum. :)
My obligatory selfie with my life vest on. Yeah. =))

   When we were finally there, I watched them and took as many photos as I could. Of course, I had to make an obligatory selfie (which I lost by the end of our sweet vacay - but I'm getting ahead of myself, lol) with the island and the sea right behind me. I managed to see the fishes even if I didn't go down, because the Kuya Manong (I didn't get his name, sorry ;P) threw chunks of bread into the water, and the fishes came rushing upwards to eat them. They looked amazing. Not just them, but everything - the nature - that surrounded me at that moment. I just loved it! And who wouldn't right?
   Snorkeling did last long, yet time escaped from my consciousness. I didn't mind it at all, even if I didn't see what was under the sea (yup, I imagined Sebastian singing in my mind ;P), I enjoyed watching from a close distance by the boat. And once they were done, we went back to the first boat to finally go beach hopping. :D
   The first island we went to was Maniknik. The sand was mostly pebbles, but we didn't mind. There were a few small stores perched by the shore, and so, we settled there for a moment to have a snack or two. They ordered some Halo-Halo, and man, it was delicious! It was the best Halo-Halo we had (I'm serious), and it was only twenty-five pesos!! They ordered again, and I only had some again, because after a while, when we were done having some snacks and all, we went back to the boat to go to the last beach for our beach hopping activity.

Maniknik beach
   So the second and the last island that we went to was bayanan. The sand still wasn't crisp enough, though, since they had tiny pebbles in it, and it was perched really high up on the shore, as if they were hills. Still, it was beautiful, and we were the only ones there, so we sat by the shore and enjoyed frolicking in the water. It was already nearly afternoon that time, and we stayed really long, not minding the sun and the really strong waves of the water that could seem to take us away down to the middle of the ocean. It wasn't until we noticed how the sun was directly hitting us that we realized it was already around twelve. That was when we decided to go back...

Bayanan beach :)

The wind blew Ate Trisha's umbrella. Haha! :))
I was still talking, but oh well. =)) (L-R: Me, Pam, Ate Trisha, Dane, and Jeck)
Playing with our life vests, even if we're only be the shore. :))
I interrupted Jeck's selife moment. ;P
   I still enjoyed the boat ride back. The wind kept blowing my hair up in my face, but I really didn't mind. And so, once we arrived back at the pier, we headed back to White Beach to finally have lunch. And afterwards, we went back to our room to take a nap until three PM to head back to the beach yet again. But unfortunately, we didn't wake up until five thirty or six! Clearly, we were tired from our little adventure that morning. Not to mention, we were full from lunch, that our naps took longer than we have expected. We didn't seem to mind though, since we decided to finally head to dinner. :)
   And so there we were, back to the place where we had dinner the night before. We decide to sit directly from the mini performances that night to watch, and of course, we did watch the fire dance again, too! I even mustered up some guts to actually take a picture with one of the dancers! Haha! Then of course, after watching them all again, we eventually went back around ten PM, because we planned to go stargazing that night by the shore. So we headed back Bangera Inn, grabbed some snacks and all with the beach mat, and went back out to the shore where we picked a spot to stay in. Mum and I saw that there was a store open not too far away that sold some barbeques, chips and refreshments, so we bought some too. At first, we were just lounging around, talking, playing with the sand, before we finally got into it. I saw five shooting stars, and Ate Trisha was the one who saw the most with eleven! I hope though, that we did manage to make a wish, because we were too amazed at the sight of it, that we forgot! Haha! We stayed out until two in the morning, before we finally called it a night.

   Thus, ended the second day of our trip! :)
   Stay tuned for the third that I'll post tomorrow! :D

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