Summer Getaway: Puerto Galera 2014 | DAY 3

    And the third day has finally arrived! If you haven't read DAY 1 and DAY 2 of our trip, click here and here. :)
   To make up for our afternoon nap the day before, we decided to wake up early instead. And so we did. By seven, we were already up. We got ready and waited for the others before we proceeded to breakfast. In which, afterwards, we immediately hit the beach. My mum has been tempted to go jet-skiing ever since we arrived, but we knew then and there that it was expensive. But then, she decided to get into it, and divide time within thirty minutes for us to take turns on riding with her. Of course, we really did want to try, so we all got on board with it too. :)

Our mood that morning: Meh. Food hadn't arrived yet. :))

    I was the first one who got to ride with her. The water kept splashing at my face, and it was a bit scary when we were far away from the shore, but hey, I still enjoyed it! I had a lifevest on and held onto my mother's, by her waist, for my dear life. After me, it was Jeck's turn, then Dane's and Pam's. Until then, our thirty minute rent was finally over, and we decided to go for a dip into the water to make most of the beach before we finally leave. And soon enough, it was already around eleven, that we decided to head back and prepare to leave.

   After checking out at around noon, we had lunch and rushed towards the station of the boats, travelling back to Batangas Pier. Our boat was going to leave by two, and unfortunately, we didn't make it due to my cause of delay. I know, I suck for that. We had to wait for the next boat, though. But fortunately, there was a boat waiting by and soon decided to take us (the ones who didn't make the previous boat) with them back to Batangas Pier, since they were going the same way anyway. We only waited for twenty minutes, so yay! :)

Goodbye Puerto Galera!!
   We were all tired on the way back, and we fell asleep, regardless of the rocking of the boat especially during big waves that came. After an hour and a half, we were finally at the Pier, where we decided to have some snacks first before proceeding to the bus back to Alabang. By five, we were already at the bus, and left after thirty minutes.

Walking to the Pier. :)
   I enjoyed the long road trip. It's one of the many things I always enjoy, apparently. And this one was no exception. While most of them were asleep, I was listening to my then-playlist, and after a while, I decided to watch That '70s Show since I did put some episodes on my phone. Eventually, we got to Alabang at around seven thirty PM. We had to find a cab, and waited for my mum to find one for about thirty minutes or so. Once she got one, we of course, immediately headed home. We didn't really fit into the taxi, so I had to sit on my mum and Jeck's laps. Haha! It's not like I'm that heavy anyway. lol ;P
   While in the taxi though, that was where I lost my phone. I had this habit of always holding it, and putting it on my lap. Clearly, I was out of my mind that day, probably from exhaustion (or by my own sheer stupidity, in which I thoroughly admit, by the way), etc. that that's what exactly happened. So I accidentally left it there. I wasn't able to retrieve it though, which wasn't a surprise, but oh well... I admit my own fault there. Ugh.
But anyway, aside from that, I really did enjoy this trip, and I feel blessed for having the opportunity to spend some time with my family and my best friends, who I also consider as my family. This year, we realized that we're friends for ten years already! From grade school up to this very day (and more)! And I absolutely thank God for blessing me with them! :)
   I hope you enjoyed reading this year's Summer Getaway post. And I also hope that you're having a marvelous summer, despite the scorching heat that seems to irk us every once in a while! ;)

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