Alone Time

   It's been a long time since I've actually written about a recent adventure that I got myself into. Okay, I did post about our Summer Getaway, but that's just different and also a given. What I'm actually talking about is the fact that I went on a certain adventure - things that I haven't exactly tried before - with myself or with my friends. There's one thing that suddenly piqued my interest and I knew immediately then and there that I should blog about it - even though, I hardly took photos. Still, if you remember that one time when I blogged about the fact that I went to Makati all by myself after school (I realized that that random video made me sound a tad bit incoherent, but oh well... I had a crappy phone then), well, this is going to be something like it.
    You see, before I didn't know how to get to Makati, right? And I said on the video that I finally made it there all by myself, even if I did have to ask the security guards a question or two because I didn't even know where I was really going, so yeah... This time however - which was June 18 - I didn't know how to get my ass to Bonifacio High Street in Taguig (or BGC, whatever). I actually had to consult the internet to know how the hell I'm going to get there, especially since I was coming from Taft, Manila. Of course, I knew how to get myself to Makati now, so I figured that I should go there first via the LRT then transfer to the MRT. So I did. But then when I got there, the information I had said that I should take the "North Exit" and not the exit that goes to Glorietta and SM.
    I got lost there for a while, because I went down to the station, and even asked the security guard, and he pointed me towards the North Avenue sign, which was where I went and got off. I knew it was wrong, because apparently, why would I ride the MRT again? I figured that there were three exit signs right there, all pointing in different directions, and since it did say that I should take the North Exit, clearly, I had to take some exit! So I went out, and knew then and there that the exit that was a few yards away from where I stood was going to Glorietta - which was the exit what I shouldn't take. I also figured that since the security guard pointed me to the North Avenue train, the one on my right was clearly north! I know, common sense, but hey, I was kind of lost okay? Besides, I was doing this trial and error thing. I didn't want to get out of there and take the wrong exit, because if I did, I'd be more lost than ever. At least if I try to figure things out there, I knew that I could just decide to ditch this adventure crap that I was going for, and just go to Glorietta and hang out there instead. Still, when I turned to my right and walked further, I finally saw the sign!
    A rush of excitement gushed through my veins as I continued to walk further. And you know what I found out? I knew it already! I knew that place that I was passing through. I knew that I had to take the stairs down, and knew where I was landing. For a second, I had some issue - money issue. I was trying to figure out if I had enough to get there, basically because I knew that if I was going there, I would have to take cab back to Makati, which was the easiest and slightly expensive way. The other would be to go to Market! Market! where I'd have to walk a long way before getting there, and take some jeep or some bus going to Ayala, and it would take me forever because of the long-ass line! I was slightly hungry by that time too, and that thought came over to me as my feet dragged on to take step after step whilst I went down the stairs. My brain was like, "What the hell am I doing? I should be turning back and just decide to go to Glorietta instead. I can roam around there, they've got tons of stores that I can go to." But my feet was like, "LET'S GO TO BONI HIGH! LET'S GO, LET'S GO!"
    In the end? My head agreed with my feet, if that was even possible.

    So in the information, it said that if I took the North Exit, the buses going to BGC are just right around the corner. I walked further, still with that debate going on between my head and my feet, and I could've turned back around any minute, but I proceeded with that corner. I saw the Shell Station, and I knew that that was where it was. My mum's office was in Taguig, and so, I've realized then and there, that that was where we went down when we took the bus from Market! Market! But the thing was, clearly we came from Taguig then, and I still didn't know how to get to Boni High. When I got there, I bought a bus ticket to the East Route - where Boni High was - and sooner or later, I got on the bus and I was already on my way!
   Another gush of excitement made my heart leap. I haven't exactly gone to an adventure by myself in months, or even more than a year now! I was usually with my friends or with mum when I go to places that I didn't know how to. But it really did make me happy that day, since I did plan on having some alone time, I managed to even push through this little adventure.
    So I got off on Fifth Avenue, and I had to walk all the way from B1 - B6. I realized that it was wrong of me to have gone down that soon, especially since now, I remember how long I had to walk. Still, if all this walking would get me to FullyBooked - my favorite branch and place of all - then I'd take it. It's part of the journey. Haha! Eventually, I got to B6 and I got to FullyBooked!
    I immediately rummaged through the shelves on the second floor, and found a lot of interesting books. But the thing was, I was clearly looking for the remaining books that have been on my list for ages! I tried to look for Anna Godbersen's "The Lucky Ones" - the third and last book to Bright Young Things, and Jillian Larkin's "Diva," which was also the third and last book of The Flappers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the former, but I did find the latter, only it was in hardbound. Apparently, I couldn't buy it for uniformity's sake, since I did have the others in paperback. Besides, I'm still broke. It's not like I can buy it anyway. So I settled by the YA Historical Fiction shelf. That was where I found other books like Disney's "Fairest Of All" that I first stumbled upon when we went to the Book Fair last year, and it had sparked my interest since then, and "Wentworth Hall" that I first stumbled upon at FullyBooked Mall of Asia.

    I don't exactly remember whether I've actually mentioned this before, but I've got this thing with antagonists. I think they're just far more interesting and unpredictable than protagonists (which is why I'm so in love with Loki - a.k.a. Tom Hiddleston, Klaus Mikaelson - a.k.a. Joseph Morgan, and Damon Salvatore - a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder, even if he's considered as an anti-hero). Plus, I actually have fun writing them too (e.g. Klaus, my OC character Elizabeth, and Damon, on my Fanfic). And before the movie Maleficent ever went out, I've always had a thing for Snow White's stepmother - the Queen. Sure, she was a narcissist and all, but there was always something about her that piqued my interest. I found her mysterious, and she did sort of look like Bette Davis in a way because of her huge droopy eyes. I even think that she was Walt Disney's inspiration for her character, considering the fact that 1930s was the Golden Age of Hollywood (from late '20s to early '60s as Wikipedia had said. Yup, I made my research.), and Bette Davis was in her heyday that time. Perhaps I only wanted to know, since then, how the Queen became this old hag who was always so insecure about Snow White, y'know? And in this book, it clearly tells the story that I've always wanted to know. Too bad I couldn't afford it, but perhaps one day I might buy this. Okay, scratch that. I will buy this once I have enough cash to. But I should warn you, if I ran out of books to read and that I'm just too eager to read this - which I am, by the way - then I might find an ebook instead. Although, I will still buy it if I have the chance...
   I was also curious about "Wentworth Hall." But when I checked it out on Goodreads, it had mixed reviews. Still, I ought to find it out for myself whether I do like it or not. Perhaps I might read it through an ebook. But other than those, I had other books that really did pique my interest. I'm such a sucker for YA Historical Fiction.

    All the books above have received great reviews on Goodreads so I'm really excited to read them. I don't know whether I should read them on an ebook, but I guess if I have nothing else to read, then I might as well just go for them right away! I can't say that I'm not excited to have them in my book collection, though...

    I roamed around FullyBooked for a bit longer, before I finally decided to head out and hail a cab back to Makati. I was still a bit pumped up about the fact that I got myself to BGC. Yup. I was that excited and ecstatic! :) But apparently, when I got to Makati, I was absolutely famished already. I headed first to Zara and Stradivarious, though, before I headed to McDonald's at Glorietta 2. Afterwards, I finally decided to go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that was on the first floor, because I definitely wanted a slice of their Chocolate Fudge Cake that's just oh-so delicious, I couldn't possibly resist!
    Well, after I ordered, I was flat broke. I only had enough money to get myself home, then I'm officially flat broke. But I'm apparently, getting ahead of myself...
    So, as I've said earlier, I needed some alone time, at least to think, and basically, just to have some quiet time. I've never tried to hang out at cafes by myself before, especially at Starbucks, because I just feel like it was a social environment where you hang out with your friends. So, I was never actually comfortable doing it. But not that day, though. I actually felt comfortable enough to hang out by myself and not have a care in the world for those strangers minding their own business. Perhaps it's the ambiance at that particular coffee shop. But other than that, I brought the latest issue Preview magazine with me, so I was definitely prepared for my alone time.
Loooved this section called "The Yonder Years" where they talked about "Fashion's noteworthy #Throwback moments." 

    I stayed for an hour or so before I finally headed home. The line at the shuttle was really long, but fortunately, the shuttles did not take forever to get there, and so, I only stood and waited around for more than thirty minutes or so. Even if I was exhausted, I was still ecstatic, until now, as I tell you this! It was rather invigorating in a way, and I definitely need to take more of these spontaneous trips along the way. 
    I hope something has made you feel invigorating and happy this week! 
    Have a great weekend! ;)

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