Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Last one for the summer!!
   I was going to say that I can still remember the first Music Monday for this year's Summer Playlist, but apparently, I don't. How weird was that? Of course, now I'd already checked it out, so I already remembered. How could I have forgotten that it was Haim? Haha! But anyway... I figured that I would end this with a bang, though. So for today, I've chosen to post my Top 5 favorites from Iggy Azalea's debut album, "The New Classic" which was released just last month. ;)
   Everything was very catchy on the album, I couldn't possibly resist! It's been a long time since I've listened to rap, and I'm so glad that Iggy was the one who got me back into it. My number one favorite would be "New Bitch." For some reason, this song really stood out for me, with it's chill beat and catchy tune. Of course, aside from my favorites, "Fancy" and "Work" (which I didn't include since I've already posted them), I managed to also love "Just Askin'" and "Fuck Love" because of that, too. And for the more edgy and mellow tune, I loved "Goddess" and "Don't Need Y'all." I just love how she raps. And I'm sooo  glad that I've already updated my playlist with her in it, amongst other artists and bands, of course. ;)
   Check out my favorites below! :)

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