Music Monday!!

   And we're back to normal!!!
   I really hope that you guys had an awesome summer. And as much as I know that most of you dread the fact that it's over - or not, because the heat was definitely a killer this year - we must go on to the "Back To School" season. Plus, since it is a Monday today, some of us might even be too "Busy Earnin'."
   See what I did there? Haha.
   Okay, it might not be as clever as I thought it'd be, but I tried anyway. ;P So, you might've remembered that in one of my #100HappyDays posts (but I highly doubt it, so don't worry because I'm here to remind you. lol ;P), I posted a photo from a music video because I saw that the Juveniles tweeted it. And when I watched, I simply loved it! So apparently, that's the song that I've chosen for today, because I'm too in love with it and with the video, that I couldn't really resist. Besides, I do want to spice things up for today, in case you're having such a stressful one - it really does kind of relaxes you and all, so yeah... And with the dance moves? I'm sure you won't be able to resist dancing along too, or in my case, wishing I can dance as good as they do. :P
   JUNGLE is about to release their debut album, "Busy Earnin'" on July 14th, and I'm sooo excited! So for the mean time, let's enjoy this awesome track. ;)

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