Music Monday!!

   Perhaps we should go back to the '70s for a while...
   If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd have probably seen that I've been tweeting several songs from the '70s that are on my playlist. Now ever since I've watched That '70s Show, I've decided to expand my horizons on music during that decade, and with that, I've downloaded the show's albums that they released back in 1999. And basically because, I've started listening to The Ramones as well around a few months ago. So since I've just finished watching the series last Friday - in which I really hope that they make a reunion soon, because I seriously hope that Jackie and Hyde really did end up together - that's how hard I ship them, btw - I've decided to make this post as a tribute to the show.
   So the albums were, That '70s Show Album (Rockin') - which had rock songs, apparently - and That '70s Show Album (Jammin') - which had funk, soul, and disco songs. Also, I've actually mentioned on Twitter that my current playlist was a beautiful mess of rock, '70s rock, psychedelic rock, punk, pop, rap, indie, funk, and soul, but I looove it!! And as you've already predicted, I've got a playlist (I've decided to finally make a Youtube account, and not just use my gmail for it, lol) below with some of my favorites from both of the albums I've just mentioned above. :) Now these songs are really catchy, and I'm just sooo in love with them - in which you've probably known by now after reading all the things I've just said. Haha! So yeah, I do hope you guys come to love them, and probably travel back in time together through the power of music, even if that just sounded incredibly cheesy and all. Still...
    Have at it below. :)

P.S. Of course, I've also listened to other '70s songs before and after I've watched this show. Below, I've added the song that they were singing together in the car during the credits on the first episode"That '70s Pilot," and the last episode, "That '70s Finale." Oh and of course, the show's theme song that was performed by Cheap Trick (originally by Big Star) called, "In The Street."  Enjoy! :)

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