Music Monday!!

   As fun as going back to the '70s was... I'm afraid we must keep up with the times.
   With that said, for today's post, I've chosen to post Yuksek's Partyfine EP that was released last year. I've been looking for it for a long time, and it clearly took me about a year to find it! I am absolutely in love with this EP, and I couldn't get enough of it now! I heard it first on Juveniles' page on Soundcloud, since they did make a collaboration together on the song called "Truth" which was the first song that made me fall in love with the EP. And apparently, you've already known by now how much I love Juveniles. ;)
    Yuksek is an electronic music producer from France, and in this EP, he also collaborated with Oh Land. I've been listening to Oh Land since 2011 when she released her second album with the same name, and I absolutely loved their songs on that album, that some of them actually ended up becoming my all-time favorites. So when Yuksek had remixed her song, "Son Of A Gun," which was on the album that I just mentioned, I guess a collaboration was bound to happen. And clearly, it did on the song "Last Of Our Kinds." The EP below have other remixed versions of the song, and I must say that they're all amazing! Aside from the originals, though, I'd have to say that Michael Garcon's version was my favorite!
   Still... For such a hectic Monday (that is, if you're having one...), this record will definitely be your pick-me-upper! And I say that in all seriousness!
    Vraiment... Je suis sérieux! C'est incroyable!
    Check it out below...
    Maintenant! ;)

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