Quick Update

   I feel like it's been ages since I've actually written a personal post...
   Well, not exactly... I did manage to post our 2014 Summer Getaway last month. I guess I was just too preoccupied with the 100HappyDays Challenge, that I couldn't seem to write a decent post. And although it was quite difficult to post everyday for a hundred days, I still enjoyed it since it did remind me that even though I've got some down days, the tiniest bit of happiness that you felt that day still mattered. :) I'm very glad that I was able to finish it because when I began, I had a hunch that I wouldn't be able to finish it. But I did!
   Anyway, I've been a tad busy these past few months, running - sometimes literally - errands everywhere and anywhere that they (my family) ask me to. I was also busy with the choir and all the practices we've had to do for the Holy Week, and for the high and regular masses - in which, as much as it did exhaust me and my voice, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.Then of course, there was some writing that went on, mostly for my Fan Fiction, and meet-ups with friends to hang out and basically, just catch up. Of course, I couldn't possibly leave out the fact that I've been watching That '70s Show, too. I'm currently on the eighth season already, and for some reason, I've developed a crush on Hyde, which was weird, but oh well... His badass attitude somehow appeals to me. I couldn't help it! Haha!
   So as you can see, those kept me interested and busy, not to mention, contented and happy since the year began. Of course, I couldn't possibly deny that there were still down days where I was left utterly frustrated with a lot of things and with myself at times, which weren't much of a surprise. Still, somehow those frustrations don't even matter at all. Alright, maybe sometimes they do, but I don't want to stress much about them any further. I'm just very grateful now that I managed to progress with what I do every now and then. And that does matter. :)
    I figured that I should update you that I've started a new untitled novel again, since as I've said before, I didn't continue my other untitled novel and I was already on page 33. But somehow I didn't really feel like it was good, not that I'd want to get published, of course. I just thought that if I'm exerting effort on it, I might as well bring out the best in me, right? Methinks so too. :P So apparently, I had to name it "Another Untitled Novel" because I've already named the other one, "New Untitled Novel." Haha! Hey, don't judge me alright? It's a lot difficult to think of a good and relevant title. After all, I don't even know where I'm going with the story, and what the main plot would be. I'm just going with the flow of my creative juices, which have been working fine, because I did already start and I've been writing these past few days. I think the first chapter started well, I just hope that it continues to go in the right direction. I knew that when I took a break from the Fan Fiction, I should be able start writing this. I couldn't really concentrate on it, especially when my mind continues to think about sub-plots and main plots for the Fan Fiction. But now, since I do have enough inspiration for it, I think my break might take longer than two-months. I guess, we'll just see where my inspiration takes me. If I go further, then that might happen. If not, then I might go back to writing the Fan Fic earlier than expected.
   I guess that ends my Quick Update. I've just had the most interesting day today, and it left me in a terrific mood. It was great to bump into one of my friends, Gertie, since Dane and I were at Taft today. I haven't seen her since 2012! And I'm also glad that things are finally going back to the right direction, and that it's all in motion. I hope the odds aren't exactly against us. I believe that there's a higher purpose for all of this... And I believe that this is the right time.
    As always, I'll clasp my hands on to Capital H-I-M's mighty ones...
    Then we'll see where He'll lead me this time. :)

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