Fashion Friday!!: INSTALOOK

   Believe it or not, I've actually been meaning to post a Fashion Friday post for months! But apparently, I couldn't get a hold on it because it's either there hasn't been anything interesting for me to post - y'know "fashion-wise" - or I am simply too busy recently that I just forget to make one.
   Now, though, I've decided to do it in advance, since I seriously seem to have no sense of time at all nowadays. And also because I've actually figured something out to post which is, - you clearly got it(!) - my Instagram (Follow me! ;P) looks that I posted since the year began... ;) Remember though, that I lost my previous phone, so I am really taking all of these photos from my Instagram account. Perhaps the quality might not be as good as the original photo, but I guess it's good enough. Just please bear with me. :) Oh and, as you've probably already guessed, I wasn't able to go to Fashion Week last May, since I didn't get to score invites, but oh well... :)
   For June though, I think somehow the photo on Instagram got corrupted, which was absolutely bizarre since I uploaded it and it didn't have any problems whatsoever. But now it just won't load... So unfortunately, I'll only be able to post for the months of January to May, and July.


  • I was absolutely engrossed on my phone while I waited for my mother at the department store, and then she took this photo... :))

  • Caption: "Tried to channel Lorde tonight... Emphasis on the 'tried.' :))" 

  • My Johnny Ramone shirt that I absolutely love, for my #OOTD ;)


  • I am sooo into winged eyeliner nowadays... ;)

  • Ramones shirt, and my favorite round sunglasses that my friend, Pam, gave to me. I always wear them! ;P

  • Caption: "Slouchy oversized sweater and leather just because I wouldn't be able to wear them once the summer falls upon us (even tho' I think it already has ;P)."

  • Another #OOTD

  • Summer time with les best friends, and my mum! 

  • Day 2 on our summer vacation: beach hopping & snorkeling. Had my white two-piece on, with a black sleeveless dress over it, and of course, the lifevest! ;P


  • At my friend, Pauline's 18th birthday. :)
  • I finally got a haircut that I've been wanting to have since December... ;)


  • Caption: "Rain boots for a rainy day..." 

   Hope you enjoyed today's Fashion Friday!! I hope you tune in for more, next week! Oh and have a great weekend ahead! ;) 

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