Music Monday!!

   I'm back!!
   I was so busy for these past few weeks that I simply had no time to post anything. Basically, I didn't even manage to make a scheduled post at least. Either way, like I've just said, I'm back now. And I definitely apologize for my week-long absence. :)
   My playlist has been rotting for quite some time now, and as you've probably already predicted, since I didn't have much time on my hands, I couldn't possibly update it. Still, I've got songs that I haven't posted on Music Monday yet, so I guess s'alright. I might update it this week though. But as an example of songs that I haven't posted yet, I've chosen to post my favorites from Lily Allen's latest album called "Sheezus."
   After I heard her latest single "Hard Out Here" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I knew I had to get the album immediately. I've always been a fan of Lily Allen, so this clearly was no exception. So when I finally got to check it out, I absolutely loved it. It surely has a different tune and vibe than her previous albums, but it was a great kind of different. Everything was catchy in their own way! And it's way too good to not hear it!
    I've got to say, though, that my top 5 from the album would be, "Close Your Eyes," "Sheezus," "Hard Out Here," "Air Balloon" and "Insincerely Yours." They're all so catchy (as every song was) and upbeat, I couldn't possibly resist putting them on my playlist. I seriously hope that you guys love them as I do! And you must get her latest album now! ;)

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