Music Monday!!

   I guess it's no secret that this is a scheduled post, but since I'm admitting it right now, apparently, my first statement was fairly correct. Haha! Forgive me though, since I am writing this the night before Monday (or shall I say, today? ;P), and I am definitely dead tired. This exhaustion clearly came from all this week's activities, but I must push through. I wouldn't want to forget another Music Monday now, do I? :)
    So I only discovered this band when my best friend, Dane, and I had our occasional telephone calls where we just talk and talk with whatever we want to talk about. She was telling me her awesome experience at Wanderland Festival - which was the annual music festival here in the Philippines that began just last year. I wasn't able to go with her because basically, I'm too broke to go, but of course, I was a tad bit disappointed because one of the bands to perform there was our favorite, The Drums. But anyway, so she was there, and she said that there was this band that she thought that I would like. Everyone were dancing with them and their songs, and she said that they were great live and onstage. So I was slightly intrigued. I asked what kind of tune their songs had, and she said that it did sound a bit like synth-pop.
   That was when my curiosity peaked to the highest level!
   I was like, "Oooh... What's the name of the band?" And then she answered, "Architecture in Helsinki. 'Yan, search mo sila! (There, search for them!)" Of course, I did have some difficulty getting their name right. I was like, "Is it Helinski, or Helsinki?" And that kept happening every time! I'm proud to say now though, that that does not happen anymore! Huzzah! Haha! So anyway, I did search for them on Soundcloud, and when I heard their song "In The Future," I immediately told Dane that I loved them! They didn't exactly sound too synth-pop-ish, but more on indie pop, but s'okay. Their songs are too catchy to simply be ignored!
   And so, as you've probably predicted, I've chosen to post my favorites from their latest album, "NOW + 4EVA" that they just released last March! I hope that my slightly long introduction intrigue well enough to have a good listen to them below! I wouldn't bother on explaining why each of these are my favorites. I'll only have to say that each stands out on their own!

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