Music Monday!!

    And I'm back!!
   I apologize for my absence last week. But now, I've got a new keyboard, so everything's back on track again! Yippee!!
   I hope you had a great day today because now, it's about to be even better. You see, I'm going crazy over this song and this artist at the moment, and in fact, it's actually one of my favorite songs on my current not-so updated playlist (I'm just about to update it, or since you're already reading this post at this moment, I've probably already updated it). Marz Leon is an L.A. based singer and producer who just released her debut single, "L O N E R" a month ago. And I absolutely love her and the song! I love her unique voice, and the chill but simple beat of the song. It's dark but very catchy, I assure you. The video was out on the first day of the month, and she even directed it and edited it herself! How awesome is she? ;)
   “’L O N E R’ displays how you can go anywhere alone and still enjoy your time without depending on someone else to make that time more interesting. Self-realization and alone time is the best times of our lives. We learn a lot about ourselves. I spend most of my days alone when I am not working nor creating. So I wanted to show others a day and a life in a LONER’s eye. I randomly watched A Place Beyond the Pines one night, and completely just locked myself into that idea of going places fun alone (how I do) and enjoying that time to not have a worry or care in the world about anything else, but yourself. ‘L O N E R’ shows how you can create memorable moments spent by yourself as you would with a group of humans – for instance, playing ‘80s video games at EightyTwo in Downtown, going to Santa Monica pier to ride the roller coasters, and cruising down PCH with a party of your own in your car, just living life.”
- Marz Leon, from an interview on Life and Times
    With that interview, I can absolutely say that I love her more, because I totally agree!
   She just released her new single a week ago on Soundcloud called "Fire." And I hope you love them as much as I do, because if you did, the L O N E R EP will finally drop probably in a month or two, and I seriously cannot wait!
   Check them out below!!

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