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   Ever since my birthday came up last July 5, there was this strange feeling within me. That day, I didn't exactly have anything planned other than dinner at Zark's with my best friends, and go to mass with grandpops, and that was about it. I actually told my mother that day, while I was ironing my hair, that I felt as if I was this boring person now. I just felt like I didn't do anything mildy interesting or anything fun at all. And since that was my birthday, I wanted to do something fun, but I didn't exactly know what. So the initial plan went along. We had dinner, we talked, we went to Milky Moustache - since I've never been there before or ever tried their milkshakes - and we had a good laugh and great conversations as always, until the night had to end. It wasn't disappointing at all, in fact, that night was the highlight of my birthday. And I'm going to be really honest, I was just never a huge fan of it. It's the one day of the year where I just want to skip it. Aside from that, the day had a rocky start to it actually, which kind of added some more weight over the I'm-not-a-huge-fan-of-my-birthday load.
At Zark's waiting for Dane and our food... :)
We never got any decent photo... This was at Milky Moustache :)

Our Kit Kat milkshakes and some of my Red Velvet cupcakes :)
This is Dane's crashed iPhone. It still works, so don't worry. Haha! =)) 
   The day after though, which was Sunday, I went to choir practice and brought some Red Velvet Cupcakes that I baked the day before my birthday. When I entered the multi-purpose hall at our local parish, they immediately sang when they saw me. And I must say, that they did enjoy the cupcakes - which definitely made me very happy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture with them, because we went back down to business on practicing a few songs for a fundraising concert. Also, that evening, my other best friend, Nina, came over and brought me a cake that she was meaning to give the day before, but since I was out, she brought it that night. Overall, I am very thankful for having them all in my life. They're the highlight and a blessing, other than my family, of course. :) So yes, thank you my dear friends! ;)

   But anyway... So that I-feel-so-boring feeling remained within me for weeks. I just felt so uninteresting. I felt like I haven't had any great conversations in a while - although, that's not exactly true, so clearly that was an irrational feeling - or I just didn't do anything fun or I'm just not a fun person at all. It's not that I'm bored or anything, I'm not actually. But like I've said, I feel like myself is boring, y'know? Other than that, there's this constant caprice where I actually want a decent conversation without anyone having to whip their phones out and have it stuffed at their faces - which I find a tad bit difficult to actually have a conversation with. And it's not that I'm not guilty of it. I am, in fact, but I don't know... I guess it's just frustrating now more than ever, once you realize it and feel guilty about it too.
   So there were all the factors. I seriously don't know if turning nineteen has got anything to do with this either, but perhaps it does. But I don't know. I mean, I still get to do the stuff that I want to do (i.e. writing, reading, singing, etc.), but I guess I just want to have more fun and explore. I feel like everything's so dull (but not everything) lately - which is another irrational thought-slash-feeling. Also, there's this caprice within me where I want a new perspective, and meet new people that are interesting, et al.
   Yet, of course, that all stayed in me for several weeks that a storm actually passed by our country just last week, and I woke up at six in the morning, hearing the harsh winds gushing at our closed windows. The power was out for two days, and we've experienced the rotating brownout the next day for two hours. It was actually scary, since the whole area or the city even, looked like a ghost town. The streets were deserted, and it was dark. It was as if the world ended as we knew it. One evening though, I was home, and since I had nothing better to do, I decided to read under the candlelight - which is not exactly advisable - and so, I had to read under my phone's trusty LED flashlight.
   Still, I do hope everyone's okay, and safe and sound. :)
   Aside from the storm though, my keyboard was jammed for several days. It had its own bipolar mood swings. For several days, it was jammed, until one night it wasn't, and then the next day, it was jammed yet again! It wasn't until Tuesday that I finally put my old keyboard to rest, and replaced it with a new one. Thus, I wasn't able to post last Monday's Music Monday.
   But the thing was, I wasn't home last Monday either. It was my friend, Shinji's birthday. And when I sent him a text around brunch time to greet him, since that was the time that I woke up, he then called but my phone froze, so he had to relay his plans for the day through text. He wanted me to come along and watch a movie with him and the others to celebrate. And so, I went along. But they had to wait for me for two hours since I had an errand to run with my grandfather.
   I know! TWO HOURS?!
   Believe me, I was absolutely frustrated during those two whole hours that I wanted to kick everyone in my way, Street Fighter style.
   Of course, I didn't exactly want them to wait, and I actually told them that I could just meet them there, but no, they wanted to wait - which was absolutely thoughtful, I absolutely don't know what to say. So when I actually got to Dane's house, of course, I apologized for making them wait for such a long time. Fortunately though, Pam had to watch the Pursuit Of Happiness for her reflection paper, and they weren't done yet. After that, that was when we finally headed to Alabang Town Center to watch the movie that Shinji chose, which was, Step Up All In. 
   The movie wasn't until seven thirty in the evening, and so we went to dinner first, and talked about tons of stuff, had a great laugh, and caught up with everyone. And then, we finally went to see the movie, and it was great! :) Of course, after the movie, we all went a little crazy and got hyper. The mall was already closing down, so there weren't much people anymore. We started making jokes that we would dance like they did in the movie, since there was so much open space for us to do so. It was absolutely funny, we could hardly breathe! Here's proof:

First photo: normal.
(L-R: Jak, Pauline, Dane, Me, Shinji, and Pam)
Then came the wacky shot... :))
Last but not the least, our  best Alexxa Brava (from the movie) shot =))) 
   After dancing around ATC, and making a gigantic fool of ourselves, we drove back to Dane's house to drop off Pam and her sisters, since they had to go home early. Then, we finally made our way towards Milky Moustache (my second time!) to have some of their milkshakes. While we were on our way though, I seriously don't know what came over us, but we started talking and making impressions like crazy. But of course, once we arrived there, we had to tune it down, and Dane finally taught us how to play Monopoly Deal. :) This was when she and Jak told us that our friendship will start crumbling down with this game. But before we even started playing, Shinji and I started trash talking each other just for fun - which showed how competitive we are. But it was all so funny, that we weren't even taking it seriously. Still though, once the milkshakes were served, and we finally started playing, Jak didn't even want to play, but instead, we convinced him and he started playing casually. In the end though, he won.
   He won!
   And he wasn't even taking it seriously!

Dealin' with them milkshakes!
   After that though, we were still laughing because he made us recall Shinji and I's trash talk earlier, repeating what we said to each other, and this made us hysterical! I couldn't get over it! Even now, as I tell you this, I'm smiling! It was so funny, we couldn't even breathe anymore! And he said this while I was drinking my Kit Kat Milkshake (which I definitely think you should try, because it's UH-mazing)! I nearly choked on it, and spat it out at Pauline's face, since she sat across from me! It was so crazy, and fun, I didn't want the night to possibly end. That was until Jak received a call from his Dad though, and that was when we finally decided to call it a night. Besides, it was already eleven in the evening anyway. We had to go home at some point!
   And so we did.
   That was when I had a revelation: I guess I wasn't that boring after all... ;)

P.S. The title of this post is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. ;)

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