Another Quick Update

    It's finally August!
    Not that I'm looking forward to anything for this month, but I figured that that was only appropriate since it is the second day of the month! How's it going so far? I hope you've had a great start with this month. As for me, I can definitely say that July ended with a bang and August started swimmingly, in fact, the first day was actually fun! :)
   If you've noticed, I've been trying to blog more lately, especially with Fashion Friday and my mini how-to-slash-review video. Apparently, I just realized today that I actually forgot to put one song that I actually used there. When I actually made the credits, I think that was already two in the morning, and I made it very quick. I did feel as if I did forget something, but I was rushing so I just brushed it off, which was clearly a bad idea. I should've just listed them down on a paper or something... But please, let me list down the more accurate songs that I actually used on the video respectively, in case you wanted them and thought they were awesome, and that you thought that they're a great addition to your current playlist. ;)
  1. The Things We Do For Fashion By: Twirl -- (Used on the Intro)
  2. Inside Of Me (Yuksek Remix) By: Montmartre -- (I'll probably post this soon for Music Monday!!)
  3. Black Out By: Juveniles -- (Y'know how much I loooove Juveniles! ;P)
  4. Ooh Yeah By: Moby
  5. Glamorous (Synthy Dix Remix) By: Constance Billard Acapella Choir -- (I'm sure you remember this from Gossip Girl season 1! But this remix version is definitely one of my all-time favorites!!) ;)
   So there you go!! I hope you do enjoy them!
   Now, let's move on from that. So the reason why I've been busy last June was because I finally took care of some school stuff, since I am planning to transfer. I chose to go for De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, and I had to take care of all the requirements and papers from my previous school to their application requirements. Other than that, I had to go to several errands with my grandfather since he was also fixing some paper stuff that needed to be taken care of. And like I've said before, this has resulted for me to jump from one place to another, since I also had some choir practices for the fund-raising concert that I've already told you on my previous personal post. So I took the entrance exams last July 13, and I only had two hours of sleep that day since I was scheduled to take it at seven in the morning... I know. And considering my fucked up body clock, we all knew that that wouldn't exactly work well for me. But do not worry, I was able to answer most them pretty well - except for math, because I dislike it so much that I actually forgot most of them already. Hey, I'm out of school for almost two years now, cut me some slack. ;P Though, I did try to review, but when I actually got to sit there and took the math part of the test, let's just say I wanted to go back to high school and go through it all over again - which was quite surprising for me to say, but really, I did feel that way. It was easy if I was still continuing to study, but it was quite difficult for me in my situation. Either way, I was nervous after because as you know - if you've been reading this blog for two years since its genesis -  I've applied at Benilde before for incoming freshman and I did pass, and now that I took the transferee exam, if I don't pass, I couldn't possibly bare it. I'd definitely want to kick myself, apparently. But, I got the results last July 31, and...
   I PASSED!!!
Mandatory celebratory GIFs:

   Of course, for weeks I was definitely nervous whenever the thought came over me. But I wasn't that nervous. It was strange, actually. I had a hunch that I would pass, and it was giving me this sort of calmness which made me freak out. I was nervous because I wasn't nervous at all... That this sense of calmness was there, and I knew that I should be more nervous because I absolutely shotgunned most of the math test... Well, not exactly most of it, in fact, all of it! Of course, I knew that that was only a portion of the test, and that if I answer the others right, I could pass, but the math part has a huge percentage just like the English part. So yeah... I guess that was why I did have this sense of calmness because apparently, my gut instincts were telling me not to worry because I'm gonna pass. And I couldn't agree with Ian Somerhalder below more... :D

   Of course, nothing's too definite yet. I'm still not sure if I'm going to pursue Benilde or not. But hopefully, I'll get back to school before the year ends, at least. S'been too long already, and I just hope that everything goes well from here. I also hope that the odds are not against me. But for these past few months, it's been going really well, so I do hope that it does continue. On the other hand, I couldn't be more thankful for these blessings coming at me. :)
   So... August started really fun for me. Yesterday, I stayed home and decided to have a movie marathon with my friend, Johnrey! We watched White Chicks, since he has never seen it - until yesterday, of course - and then we watched Breakfast At Tiffanys, then The Ugly Truth afterwards. I had it all set up in the living room, with our TV, my external hard drive, and my speakers. Plus, we got to order some food at McDonald's while we were at it! Of course, he also asked me to curl his hair because he wanted to try it out, and so I did during our little break from our movie marathon, and then I put some makeup on him, which resulted into a few mandatory snapshots. Haha! We finished watching at one in the morning, and that was about it. I always have so much fun with him, and I'm just glad that I've gained a friend like him! He actually wants us to do a makeup tutorial, since he did several on his blog, but recently he hasn't exactly been active due to his busyness. Either way, we actually might...
   You never know. *shrugs* ;)

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