Music Monday!!

   It's the first for the month!!
   Now, before I actually go on and post the latest songs on my playlist, I've got a few couple of last ones from my previous-before-it-was-updated-a-week-ago playlist. Lol. So for today's Music Monday, I've chosen to post songs from Palma Violets' debut album, "180."
   They're an English band from London, and their first single called "Best of Friends" was actually released last 2012. I seriously don't know why I just stumbled upon them a few months ago though, since they're really great! And it's clear that from the song's verse "I wanna be your best friend, I don't want you to be my girl," they don't exactly mind being "friend-zoned" at all. ;P Following that single, however, they finally released their debut album just last year, and even if I'm a tad(?) bit late, I'm still glad I was still able to discover them because I officially love love love them!
   Below are my favorites from their album! Also, I've got the live version of "14" since I couldn't find the studio track anywhere. They only played half of the song though, still, it's definitely one of my favorites. And I seriously wish I was there to see them live!

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