Music Monday!!

   Perhaps we should turn it down for just a tad bit...
   If you're having such a stressful Monday that you just want to lie down and read a good book, have a warm bath, have some tea, or whatever it is that you need to do to be relaxed especially if you have to prep up for a hectic week ahead... Well, I've got the song for you.
   This song is called "Lot More Livin'" by the duo Strawberry Jam. Now, as always, I make my research about the artist and all for you guys, but somehow, as I've read, that the duo's identities aren't exactly officially known yet. I'll let you know more about them when the time comes, but for now, since I know that you're probably too stressed out, I wouldn't want to make you read more with your sleepy and tired eyes.
   So without further ado, have at it below... ;)

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