Music Monday!!

   I'm late, I know! I haven't been feeling well since Saturday. If you've been following me on Twitter, all I keep tweeting for these past few days are about my sheer distaste for these damn colds and this massive headache that I've been having. UGH. But anyway, I'm here - squeezing this in before Monday ends. The only fortunate thing there, that I find relief in, is that Monday's only about to start in some other parts of the world, so... Ha! ;)
   Anyway, I've given you a list of the songs that I've used three weeks ago, on my mini how-to-slash-review video from my Fashion Friday post, and I did say that I was going to post Montmartre's song called "Inside Of Me," since I did use Yuksek's remix on the video. So Montmartre is a Parisian band from (of course) Paris, France. They just released their Inside Of Me EP on Soundcloud last month, and it's definitely safe to say that I am absolutely in looove with them! How could I not be? Their electropop beat is too catchy! But that's what I always say, don't I?
   Below, you can get to hear the EP and know that their songs really are catchy! ;)

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